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December 7th, Tiferet Israel honored the memory of
Reb Ytzhak Malka z”l
His family presented a lovely menorah in his name to the synagogue.

Menorah 1Menorah 2

The Maccabees would have been Proud.

Over 100 past and present members of Tiferet Israel, along with members of the family of the late Reb Ytzhak Malka z”l, gathered for a memorial service at Tiferet Israel on Sunday, December 7. Reb Malka passed away on August 6 and was buried in Netanya, Israel on August 8, 2014.

The heartfelt service featured a moving tribute by Nathan Malka, son of Reb Malka who spoke on behalf of the Malka family. Nathan spoke of his father’s deep love of Torah, his wife, Miriam and their family. “My father truly found a home at Tiferet Israel,” Nathan Malka said. He went on to express his appreciation for the opportunities Tiferet provided Reb Malka to share his passion for educating others.

Congregation President, Warren Abrams shared the appreciation he had for Reb Malka’s knowledge of Judaism and Reb Malka’s willingness to share it with him and others. “He was a modest man, but what he really taught us was how to live life. He was a modest man, but he was also a rich man… Rich in his family, rich in his wisdom, and rich in his love of Judaism.”

Rabbi Shawn Zell spoke of how grateful he was to have such a learned man to work with, to daven with, and to educate with Reb Malka. “I thought to myself, what would be a proper tribute to Reb Malka, this modern day Maccabee… It had to be Education. Teaching.” The approaching festival of Chanukah provided inspiration for a brief lesson on the finer qualities of Reb Malka.

The service ended with an invitation from Reb Malka’s son, Michael, for those gathered, to join him outside in the parking lot for the unveiling of a large Menorah dedicated in memory of Reb Malka to the people of Tiferet Israel. “Part of he word Chanukah can be interpreted to mean to arrive and to stay. And that is what my father did here at Tiferet. He found a place here and stayed. So I felt it was only fitting that I create this display on his behalf, in his memory, for his home at Tiferet.”

The large menorah will be displayed throughout the Chanukah Festival. It is located in front of Tiferet’s Community Garden, behind the main building.

Kibbutz, Kayaks and Waterfalls — Evie’s Posts from Israel

Tiferet’s Evie posted this summer while traveling in Israel with junior high age colleagues from Akiba Academy. Leading the student trip was Rabbi Sabo. You can read Evie’s posts here. More recent posts are at the top.

Here are some of Evie’s photos from Israel.

Lag Ba’Omer Picnic

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Thank you Members and Guests for making this a Fantastic Day!

2014 Chili Cook-off in a Nutshell



The 21st annual Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off:  A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

We are still counting, but our current estimate is 4,000 attendees!

Who Won? The entire community of course, but here is the list of teams: